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Every Christian’s Nightmare

Every Christian's Nightmare

One night recently as I was getting ready for bed, I was suddenly struck with a thought. It might be worth something, it might not, but it did provide some interesting fodder to mull over as I went to sleep.

It's every Christian's nightmare that Jesus will go to sleep on us.

That isn't going to happen, but have we gone to sleep on Him? Have we become…

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Author: Esther Filbrun
Posted: December 2, 2016


Wait on the Lord

In my single-digit days, one of the things I most despised hearing from Mom were the words "hold your horses!" And, sadly, as I've gotten a little older that hasn't changed much. She still reminds me, when I start heading down multiple what if? rabbit trails at once, to stop, be patient, and well...just wait.

Funny thing is, the Bible has some things to say about this too. Psalm 27:14, for example, has this to say about it:

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Author: Esther Filbrun
Posted: November 26, 2016

Life and an Earthquake

Earthquake damage 01

Following written last Monday, almost a week ago.

What an adventure! Life certainly has thrown some curveballs at us these last few months, but I'm so thankful that God is still on the throne.

After losing my brother near the beginning of last month, I realized—possibly for the first time ever—that life can reallymess up your schedule for you. But no matter what's been going on, God shows Himself faithful. While lots of things happen that we don't want—and definitely don't expect!—He's still there, still taking care of us.

After the funeral, our family went through a lot of readjustments and reassignments. Some of it had been taken care of even before the funeral, but some hadn't been, and what with lots of different people through during that time we didn't have "normal life" happening at all anyway. And oh, what a blessing it was to have so many caring people gather around us during that time!

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Author: Esther Filbrun
Posted: November 20, 2016
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