The Destiny of a Galaxy by Sarah Holman

The galaxy is still in the hands of tyrants—is there any hope that freedom can be brought to suffering people?

Capyboppy by Bill Peet

The story of one family with a pet capybara who just couldn’t stay out of trouble.

I Needed a Neighbour by Patricia St. John

After her parents are shipped south against their will, can Mehrit and her little brother survive despite their war-torn and famine-reduced surroundings?

Amazing Grace (PG)

The story of William Wilberforce and how he did his best to change the world he lived in.

End of the Spear (M)

The constantly warring Waodani tribe is threatened with a never-before-encountered enemy: God’s unconditional love. Are they willing to accept the love offered, or will they drive themselves to extinction through their constant fighting?

Misty (G)

Two children want to buy a wild horse—but will they have enough time to raise the money before the annual round-up?

The Great Locomotive Chase (PG)

A retelling of the true story about Union soldiers that stole a train from behind Confederate lines and attempted to destroy the Confederate supply lines by burning bridges.

One Lucky Lady (G)

When the topic comes up of whether it’s wrong or not to kiss before marriage, everyone at 7th Street Theatre reacts differently—is there a right choice? Why is Jack refusing to tell his opinion?

Pamela's Prayer (G)

After her mother dies, Pamela’s father must raise his daughter alone. As she gets older, will she be able to see the wisdom in his views about purity before it is too late?

When Things Seem Impossible (PG)

The incredible true story of four missionaries who were captured by guerrillas in South America, and how God worked in their lives to show His great power.

Red River of Life (G)

Blood is our lifeline—but how much do you actually know about it? Watch this fascinating video to find out, and stand in awe at our God who designed it!

Fireproof (the movie) by Kendrick Brothers

Although he is a hero at work, Caleb is anything but in his own home. Is there any hope for his marriage—or will selfishness and anger light a fire he cannot stop?

Kate's Capitol by Sarah Holman

Now part of an FBI team, can Kate discover if all’s as it should be within the Texas capitol—before Rep. Ashbury runs for governor, and her team is left with an even bigger mess on their hands?

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson

When Tower 1 of the World Trade Center is hit early in the morning of 9/11/2001, will Michael and his guide dog Roselle be able to remember the training they’ve received and get out safely?

The Destiny of a Few by Sarah Holman

Maria must find the crown prince—but where in the galaxy should she start? With discouragement and defeat pounding in from all sides, can she continue to trust that the Lord is looking out for her?

Julie by Rachael McIntire

From a very early age, Julie Greene has been a brat. Is there any hope that she can change and become someone people will want to be around?

Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione by Chuck Black

An evil warrior and his band of fierce men are steadily destroying the lives of the young people of the kingdom. Can Sir Kendrick, along with impetuous Sir Duncan, counter the evil and rescue the endangered youth?

Kingdom's Reign by Chuck Black

The Prince has finally come to claim his people! What will happen to the kingdom now, and how will He bring true peace to all those under His rule?

Preparing to be a Help Meet by Debi Pearl

A fascinating, highly applicable book designed to help single young women be the best at what God has called them to do.

Give Me This Mountain by Helen Roseveare

Helen describes her life—from a little girl desiring acceptance, through her work in the Congo, ministering as a doctor in a mission hospital.

How to Conquer the Addiction of Rock Music by Various

An interesting book talking about the influences of rock music, drawing conclusions from the Bible about the subject.

Resist by Emily Ann Putzke

A fascinating story about a man who led a small resistance group in Germany during the Second World War.

Ante Up! by Chautona Havig

Aggie’s about to add her second child to their large family, but when disaster threatens to upset her carefully made plans can she turn it over to God—or will her faith fail her?

Come What May by Advent Film Group

Can Caleb, a lawyer-in-training, choose what’s right—even though it may cost him his relationship with his mom?

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