A Place for Peter

Peter must earn his father’s trust, and he learns through that that doing the hard things is worth it in the end. 

Mountain Born

Peter, a sheep farmer’s son, raises a black lamb to be the leader of the flock—and learns what it means to be a leader and a follower at the same time. 

Little Pear

Little Pear is a five-year-old Chinese boy who loves his family and longs for adventure—but what happens when that adventure carries him too far?

Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate must prove he is a good leader—but when the Jews are so rebellious, how can he ever prove his worth?

Snow Treasure

When the gold bullion of Norway is at stake, will the children of Norway be able to keep it from falling into Nazi hands?

The Endless Steppe

Esther and her family are sent off to Siberia in 1941 by the Russians and must fight to stay together and remain alive.

The Terrible Wave

Synopsis: When the dam bursts and hits Johnstown, will Megan and her family be able to get away from the flood in time?

Number the Stars

Annemarie and her family must hide Ellen, a Jewish girl, from the Nazis—but can she find the strength and courage to stand up against the soldiers?

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Kit Tyler, a new immigrant to the Connecticut Colony, has to learn to fit in with the Puritan’s ways—but she knows she’ll always feel trapped unless she can find a way to be herself.

Escape from Warsaw (or The Silver Sword)

Four children, trying to find their missing parents and stay alive while fleeing from the war, embark on a dangerous journey across Europe—one that could easily end in their deaths.

Return to Gone-Away

When Portia’s family bought the Villa Caprice, they didn’t know what adventures—and frights—were waiting for them in the house.

Gone-Away Lake

Two adventure-loving cousins discover an old deserted village and a gone-away lake — except that it isn’t quite as deserted as it seems.

The Seventeenth Swap, by Eloise McGraw

Eric Greene’s friend Jimmy wants red cowboy boots—but can Eric earn enough money in time to buy them?

A Long Walk to Water

Sudan, one war-torn land. Two stories of young people in need. One lack: water.

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

A retelling of an ancient Arab tale about a young woman who sets up shop in a distant city to help her impoverished family.

Sarah Whitcher’s Story

When a young pioneer girl gets lost in the forests of New Hampshire, will her family’s faith remain sure?

James Herriot’s Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children

Eight touching stories of animals, perfect for a Saturday evening read-aloud.

Twenty and Ten

Twenty children must hide ten Jewish children from the Nazis—but without Sister Gabriel to help them, will the Nazis find out where they are?

How to Stay Christian in High School

A real look at what it means to be, think, and behave like a Christian when a teen in high school, with real-world examples that will strengthen, stretch, and encourage you.

Turn Homeward, Hannalee

A young captive in Indiana who came from the Confederate south longs to return home, but is it possible to travel such a distance safely—and keep her promise?

The Land I Lost

An older man looks back at his childhood in Vietnam, sharing beautiful stories illustrating the rich culture he grew up in, telling about the land that is lost to him forever.

A Murder for Her Majesty

Alice Tuckfield, a fugitive running from her father’s murderers, is adopted by a group of choirboys and must figure out who the killers are before they find her as well.

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