History Lives Series, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

A set of five books covering the entire history of the Christian church, from the Apostle Paul to Janani Luwum in Uganda in 1977.

History Lives series

Rescue and Redeem, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

Well-written stories of pivotal moments in the lives of over a dozen influential Christians who worked to change the world for Jesus between 1860 and 1977.

Rescue and Redeem

Always Face a Panther, compiled by Ruth K. Hobbs

This is a collection of interesting stories about children of the past in America, and each story teaches a lesson in a natural way.

Always Face a Panther

Cameron Townsend, by Janet & Geoff Benge

After seeing the need for Bibles in indigenous languages, Cameron Townsend founded Wycliffe Bible Translators to translate Bibles into unwritten languages.

Cameron Townsend: Good News in Every Language

This Child Must Die, by Anne Ruck

The spirits said to kill the baby when he was born; when he became a man, Cleopas overturned the spirit’s power.

This Child Must Die

Louis Braille, The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind, by Margaret Davidson

A story for young children about the blind man who invented books for the blind.

Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind

La Catracha, by Pablo Yoder

Young Karla could not understand why her parents hated her, and why she had to endure so much pain and abuse; what a difference it made when she accepted God’s forgiveness and in turn forgave those who had misused her for years.

La Catracha

Tied With Heartstrings, compiled by Marian D Reinford and Emily D. Martin

120 short meditations and stories about adoption and fostering, written mostly by the adoptive mothers but also by the fathers or siblings, and in a few cases by the adoptee themselves.

Tied With Heartstrings

Christian Heroes: Then and Now Series, by Janet & Geoff Benge

A series of biographies of famous men and women God has used, from 1700 to the present.

Christian Heroes: Then and Now Series

The Timechart History of the World

A visual history of the world, from Creation to the present.

The Timechart History of the World

Understanding the Times, by Ken Ham

The founder of the Creation Museum considers twelve passages of Scripture that sum up the dependence of biblical truth on a firm foundation.

Understanding the Times

Unknown to History, by Charlotte M. Yonge

A sailor in the time of Queen Elizabeth finds a baby, the sole survivor of a shipwreck, and brings her home to his wife—who is this baby and what do the mysterious tokens wrapped up with her mean?

Unknown to History

The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford

When three animals become homesick for their owners, they take off on a several-hundred-mile journey through wilderness, trying to find them.

The Incredible Journey

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken

Sylvia must go live with her cousin Bonnie, but when the ship that Bonnie’s parents are on is sunk off the coast of Spain, they are left at the mercy of a wicked governness.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West, by Marguerite Henry

Wild Horse Annie grew up with mustangs, and her horror at seeing the way the wild horses were hunted out of the hills with airplanes and trucks to be slaughtered motivated her to work to get a law passed to prohibit such hunting.

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West

The Church of the East, by John Holzmann

An in-depth look at a facet of church history we are not aware of most of the time—did you know that there were large Christian communities in China and Japan in or before the 7th and 8th centuries?

The Church of the East

Hearts and Hands, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

Fascinating stories about 11 famous people who were instrumental in advancing the Christian faith and missions between 1700 and 1860.

Hearts and Hands

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician, by Rachel Weaver

A daily devotional for women, focusing on a deeper walk with God.

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician

The More Abundant Life, by Renetta Brovont

A daily devotional for women, focusing on a deeper walk with God.

The More Abundant Life

Rascal, by Sterling North

In the spring of 1918, young Sterling and one of his buddies caught a baby raccoon, and Sterling raised it.


Courage and Conviction, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

Fascinating stories open up the lives of many well-known leaders in the Reformation.

Courage and Conviction

Here We Come, by Chautona Havig

Aggie finishes her first year of caring for her sister’s eight orphaned children as she prepares for her own wedding.

Here We Come

For Keeps, by Chautona Havig

Aggie is learning the ropes of raising a large family as she cares for her sister’s eight children and begins homeschooling them.

For Keeps

Ready or Not, by Chautona Havig

When her sister and brother-in-law suddenly die, Aggie, at the age of 22 and fresh out of college, inherits their eight children!

Ready or Not