O Canada!: Her Story by Karla Akins

Eight historical narratives and biographies tell Canada’s history.

O Canada!: Her Story

Medicine News by Phil Gates

The story of medical history is told in a series of news articles.

Medicine News: The Germ of an Idea

A Child's History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer

The entire scope of history is told in an interesting manner.

A Child’s History of the World

The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff

When William Tell revolts against an unjust ruler, and is sentenced to shoot an apple off his son’s head, can young Walter be brave enough?

The Apple and the Arrow

Ink on His Fingers by Louise A. Vernon

Hans Dunne thinks his dream of learning to be a scribe and copy the Bible died when he had to leave the monastery school after his father’s death, but when he became apprenticed to Johann Gutenberg he found another way to fulfill his dream.

Ink on His Fingers

Big John's Secret by Eleanore M. Jewett

John is a big boy, but he sure doesn’t know much about his past until a knight visiting the manor where John lives thinks he sees a resemblance to someone he used to know.

Big John’s Secret

All the Dirt: A History of Getting Clean by Katherine Ashenburg

In a quick trip through history and around the world, learn about customs and ideas of cleanliness.

All the Dirt: A History of Getting Clean

The Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages by Susan Wise Bauer

The story of world history, from the fall of Rome to the rise of the Renaissance.

The Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages

Lords of the Sea by Allison Lassieur

The story of the Viking Exploration of the North Atlantic and discovery of North America is told in comic-book style.

Lords of the Sea

The Revolt by Douglas Bond

Two young men, a secretary and a serf, find themselves thrown together repeatedly as John Wycliffe stirs things up in 14th century England.

The Revolt

Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland

In 34 short chapters, the lives of many famous men and a few women in Medieval Europe are described, telling the history of Europe along the way.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

The Little Duke by Charlotte Yonge

After the death of his father, Richard Duke of Normandy must watch out for enemies and decide how to treat his foes when they are in his power.

The Little Duke

The Samurai's Tale by Erik Christian Haugaard

Taro’s loyalty to the samurai who took an interest in him after the death of his parents leads him into many dangerous situations.

The Samurai’s Tale

A Strong Tower by Rebecca Martin

When her father becomes a Waldensian, Anna, her brother, and their staunchly Catholic grandmother end up following him into exile.

A Strong Tower

Worth Dying For by Nicholas Stoltzfus

A Waldensian family lives out their motto: A faith not worth dying for is not worth living for.

Worth Dying For

If All the Swords in England by Barbara Willard

A pair of twin boys find themselves caught up in the conflict between Henry II and Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

If All the Swords in England

The Story of Marco Polo by Olive Price

Marco Polo’s journey to China and back is retold in a very interesting way.

The Story of Marco Polo

Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle

After his mother dies, Otto is raised by his uncle, the Abbott of a monastery, until his lawless father takes him back.

Otto of the Silver Hand

Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess by Richard Platt

A young boy, sent to live for a year in his uncle’s castle, describes his life there.

Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! by Laura Amy Schlitz

A number of inhabitants in a medieval village in Europe tell stories from their lives.

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

Beorn the Proud by Madeleine Polland

After Ness is taken captive by a Viking boy, she does her best to turn him from his pride to the gentle God she serves.

Beorn the Proud

Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray

When Adam finds himself separated from his minstrel father, Roger, he travels around England searching for him.

Adam of the Road

Viking Quest Series by Lois Walfrid Johnson

A series of five books tells the story of a young Irish girl captured by Viking raiders and held captive for five years.

Viking Quest Series

The Raider's Promise by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Bree and Devin are still with Mikkel as he explores a new world with Leif Ericson.

The Raider’s Promise