The Ides of April, by Mary Ray

When his master is found dead in his bed one morning, the slave Hylas must get help to find the murderer before all the slaves, including Hylas’s mother, are executed for the murder.

The Ides of April

Reading Science Stories, by Joy Hakim

A brief history of science and math is told in a very entertaining way.

Reading Science Stories

Roman Britain Trilogy, by Rosemary Sutcliff

A trilogy of historical novels shows the decline of Roman power in Britain over the course of a few hundred years.

Roman Britain Trilogy

Build! A Knight’s Castle: Paper Toy Archaeology, by Annalie Seaman

Learn about how archaeologists work and how castles were built, as you excavate and build your own model.

Build! A Knight’s Castle: Paper Toy Archaeology

The Pullman Porter, by Vanita Oelschlager

The job of Pullman Porter was a much-sought-after job for ex-slaves after the American Civil War, and the Pullman porters were very important in beginning the Civil Rights movement.

The Pullman Porter

Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times, by Susan Wise Bauer

The history of the world, from the beginnings of Egyptian civilization through the fall of Rome, is told in an interesting way for children.

Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times

The Great Molasses Flood, by Deborah Kops

When a gigantic tank split and spilled 13,000 tons of molasses across Boston in 1919, not only was there a horrendous mess to clean up but 21 people died.

The Great Molasses Flood

Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington, by Lynda Durrant

A 9-year-old boy pretends to be an ignorant country bumpkin in order to find information for General Washington.

Ariel Bradley: Spy for General Washington

The Bronze Bow, by Elizabeth George Speare

Daniel can think of nothing except his hatred for the Romans and revenging his parent’s deaths, but other things keep getting in his way and making him think.

The Bronze Bow

Augustus Ceasar’s World, by Genevieve Foster

The life of Augustus Caesar is told in detail, and events and religions from around the world at the same time are described.

Augustus Ceasar’s World

Florence Nightingale: Lady With the Lamp, by Sam Wellman

Florence Nightingale’s long life was dedicated to pursuing the work God had for her, including nursing soldiers in the Crimean War and improving hospitals and nursing in England.

Florence Nightingale: Lady With the Lamp

Farewell for a While, by Sharon A. Lavy

Dustin and Rebekah, just a few weeks before their wedding date, discover that they have some issues they must work through before they are married.

Farewell for a While

Flame Over Tara, by Madeleine Polland

When Patrick brings the gospel to Ireland, he must win the approval of the High King, Leary, in order for his mission to succeed.

Flame Over Tara

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express, by Margaret K. Wetterer

When a storm causes a train to crash into a creek, Kate must go for help for the men who were on it.

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express

There’s an Owl in the Shower, by Jean Craighead George

While Borden’s dad is out of work because logging has been halted, Borden finds a baby owl in need of help and they raise it.

There’s an Owl in the Shower

The Lantern Bearers, by Rosemary Sutcliff

After escaping from the Saxons who took him as a slave, Aquila joins Ambrosius, king of Britain, and battles not only the Saxons but his own anger and hatred.

The Lantern Bearers

Sojourner Truth: American Abolitionist, by W. Terry Whalin

A biography of the famous anti-slavery, women’s rights speaker who was herself born in slavery.

Sojourner Truth: American Abolitionist

The Silver Branch, by Rosemary Sutcliff

Justin, a surgeon in the Roman Army, and his kinsman Flavius, a centurion, become involved in the resistance effort when a usurper takes command of Roman Britain.

The Silver Branch

Gladys Aylward: No Mountain Too High, by Myrna Grant

Gladys Aylward, an English maid, bought a ticket and went to China to teach people about Jesus.

Gladys Aylward: No Mountain Too High

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Janet & Geoff Benge

As a Christian theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was faced with a dilemma: Was it right to kill Hitler to save the lives of millions of other people?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: In the Midst of Wickedness

Ten Boys Who Made History, by Irene Howat

Stories are told from the lives of 10 boys who became great men of God, showing how God worked in their lives.

Ten Boys Who Made History

The Eagle, by Rosemary Sutcliff

Centurion Marcus has a mission—to recover the lost Eagle from his father’s Ninth Legion.

The Eagle of the Ninth

A Boy of Two Worlds, by Lorna Eglin

Can Lemayan blend his two worlds, that of his Maasai family and that he lives in the Christian boarding school, together?

A Boy of Two Worlds

Beyond the Desert Gate, by Mary Ray

Philo and his two brothers find themselves on opposing sides in the conflict between the Jews and the Romans in 70 AD.

Beyond the Desert Gate