Shadows & Secrets by Chautona Havig

When a teenage boy befriends the Creature that the entire village is afraid of, he learns a lot about himself, as well as about life in general.

Shadows & Secrets

Sight Unseen Series by Chautona Havig

Three different people have woke up in Rockland with no memory—what is the connection?

Sight Unseen series

Ties That Blind by Chautona Havig

When a third person loses his memory in Rockland, the first two victims are sure there is something sinister behind these episodes.

Ties That Blind

Will Not See by Chautona Havig

What had Vikki Jeffries been doing that caused her total memory loss, and why were there people going after her?

Will Not See

Mismatched by Chautona Havig

After a plea bargain gone bad, Leo is on the run again for his life.


Justified Means by Chautona Havig

What is happening when Erika is carried off in the night by a strange man?

Justified Means

Fine Print by Chautona Havig

When challenged to solve a mystery, Madeline quickly realizes there’s more to a riddle than meets the eye—is she able to solve it before it’s too late?

Fine Print

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle by Chautona Havig

Richard and Ruth have been friends for ten years—Mason believes it’s time to hurry things up a bit!

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle

Argosy Junction by Chautona Havig

After being badly hurt by the Brethren, a strict cult, could Lane ever see Jesus as someone good and loving?

Argosy Junction

Such a Tease by Chautona Havig

Madeline Brown is back—still investigating a young man who is new in town, who now has a scheme to electrify the town, beginning with the most disreputable area.

Such a Tease

Discovering Hope by Chautona Havig

Jay and Hope have a lot of differences; can they work through them?

Discovering Hope

New Year's Revolutions by Chautona Havig

When he sees something different in his neighbor, Wendy, the town grump, Neal Kirkpatrick, ends up buying a Bible to figure out what makes her so different, and so attractive to him.

New Year’s Revolutions

Christmas Lights by Vikki Kestell, Cathe Swanson, April Hayman, Chautona Havig

A collection of four novellas set at Christmas; one historical and three contemporary.

Christmas Lights 2016

Christmas Stalkings by Chautona Havig

When someone starts entering Wendy’s house and messing with her seven Christmas trees (one for each cat), she has to find out who the intruder is and stop him before any of the cats gets hurt.

Christmas Stalkings

Christmas Embers by Chautona Havig

When unfaithfulness is discovered, the effects are far reaching—is there any hope that one can find forgiveness after something like that?

Christmas Embers

Hartfield Mysteries series by Chautona Havig

This is a series of four books about Alexa Hartfield, murder mystery writer who suddenly finds herself in strange situations.

Hartfield Mysteries series