Neil didn’t mean to go to China—and once he was there, how could he ever return to England?

Shanghaied to China

Perrin Whitman traveled with his uncle Marcus Whitman to Oregon with one of the first wagon trains to cross the Rocky Mountains, and found that relations with the Indians were anything but simple.

Attack in the Rye Grass

When his mother is imprisoned for her faith, Adriaen Wens must make a decision for himself, whether to set her free by betraying Menno Simons, or to take her faith for his own.

The Betrayer’s Fortune

Gilbert lost his parents in the War of 1812; could circuit-riding preacher Peter Cartwright help him find his mother?

Abandoned on the Wild Frontier

The Warrior's Challenge by Dave & Neta Jackson

A young Moravian Indian boy, Joseph, travels with his people and David Zeisberger from Pennsylvania to a new home in Ohio, and must choose, along the way, whether to stay with his people or go with the Mohegan warrior who wants to lure him back to the old Indian way of life.

The Warrior’s Challenge

Hostage on the Nighthawk by Dave & Neta Jackson

After his silence leads to dire consequences two times, Theo learns to speak up for the right—but will the pirate’s treasure be enough to set his mother free?

Hostage on the Nighthawk

The Mayflower Secret by Dave & Neta Jackson

After being the last person to see Dorothy Bradford alive on the Mayflower, Elizabeth Tilley felt crushed by her guilt at not being able to bring herself to tell anyone.

The Mayflower Secret

Kidnapped by River Rats by Dave and Neta Jackson

Homeless, Jack and Amy search for a new home—but when Amy hurts her foot, the need becomes even more desperate. Will the Salvation Army be able to help the children?

Kidnapped by River Rats

p style=”text-align: center;”>Blinded by the Shining Path by Dave & Neta Jackson

Taken into the Shining Path against his will, Alfredo longs to find out more about this Jesus he has heard about, but it doesn’t seem likely he’ll ever even have the chance to try.

Blinded by the Shining Path

Flight of the Fugitives by Dave & Neta Jackson

Mei-en’s mother has died, and she’s been sold to a gypsy—what will happen when a strange foreigner named Gladys Aylward buys her?

Flight of the Fugitives

The Queen's Smuggler by Dave & Neta Jackson

Will Sarah’s scheme to get William Tyndale out of prison work?

The Queen’s Smuggler

Spy for the Night Riders by Dave & Neta Jackson

Karl’s master, Martin Luther, is in danger; can he trust the girl who has been spying on him since before they went to the Diet of Worms?

Spy for the Night Riders